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Getting started with viaGlamour

Learn how to create your own makeup line with custom packaging. Get your first product ready for sampling in a few minutes.

You don't need to subscribe or have a Shopify account to try samples with viaGlamour. You can select your product and customize the packaging for free. It'll ship in a full-sized container that's customized with your design. viaGlamour can ship your sample product anywhere in the world. There are zero minimum orders or design setup fees either.

In this walkthrough you'll learn how to design a product's container, upload a product to your catalog, and order a sample for yourself.

Quick start

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✨ Products are made fresh for every order.

💖 Customize the product packaging with your designs.

📦 Zero minimum order for all customer orders.

MagicSoaps, a sister company of viaGlamour™, is Canada's first on-demand soaps manufacturer. Launch your own brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom boxes.