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Shipping Insurance


As an eCommerce business owner, it's important to protect your orders against being lost or damaged in transit. The best way to do this is to enable shipping insurance for your outgoing orders. Shipping insurance will reimburse you for orders that are lost or damaged by carriers.

Insurance Walkthrough

Shipping insurance is only available on the viaGlamour Pro plan or higher. If you aren't subscribed, orders won't be insured against being lost or damaged by carriers. However, your orders will still be eligible for a returns service by carriers if it's supported on a customer's selected shipping method and a package is available for returns because the order was provided a malformed customer address for deliver.

Enabling Insurance

Enable shipping insurance by navigating to viaGlamour's app settings, selecting shipping insurance, and toggling the setting.

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Insured orders will be charged a 2.9% fee on the total wholesale value of the products. If an aloe vera gel costs $3.50 to manufacture for your customer's order, the insurance to protect the order against shipping damages or loss is $0.10. If an order is lost by a shipping carrier viaGlamour will send out a duplicate order to the customer free-of-charge because the original order was insured.


Replacements are handled manually. You should contact viaGlamour support if you think an order has been lost by a shipping carrier. Replacement orders that get shipped by viaGlamour will be shown on both your orders page and on the shipping insurance page. Your account will never be charged for replacement orders.


The insurance available for orders varies on the carrier and tracking information.

Fully Tracked Deliveries

Shipping insurance can only be provided for orders shipping with a shipping method that's fully tracked.


When carriers damage parcels the tracking information will reflect that information as potential damage that occurred during delivery. If the products arrive damaged and photos are available for viaGlamour, shipping insurance will cover the replacement products in the order.

Friendly Fraud

Shipping insurance does not cover situations where the carrier completed their delivery but the receiving customer claims that their order was lost or stolen. Insurance can only cover events that happen during the delivery. If a customer lost, damaged, or misplaced their order after a successful delivery it is no longer eligible for any insurance.

Return Services

All shipping carriers within the United States and Canada provide a returns services for orders that could not be delivered because the customer was not available to collect the package or the provided address was missing critical information, like an apartment number, to complete the delivery. You can have returns shipped to viaGlamour or your business address.

Shopify's Chargeback Protection


If you use Shopify Pay for your US-based store, you can protect your orders against chargebacks or credit card fraud. Just set up Shopify Payments and Shop Pay. Coverage applies to eligible Shop Pay transactions authorized through Shopify Payments, at no extra cost. When orders are fulfilled within seven days they'll automatically receive protection. If you receive a fraud-based chargeback, Shopify automatically covers the costs of the order and the chargeback fee. Shopify will manage the dispute process for the chargeback. No additional reporting or fees are needed from you.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores
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