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Managing shipping costs

viaGlamour can ship all of your customer orders.


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If you've installed viaGlamour onto your Shopify store, shipping rates have already been added to your profile for products created within viaGlamour's app.

Shipping Rates

Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and package weight.


All shipping services to the United States and Canada offer a free returns service if the package is unable to complete it's delivery to the customer for reasons like a delivery refusal or incorrectly provided address. International carriers don't always provide a returns service, a shipment shipped overseas with an incorrect address is unlikely to be returned back to viaGlamour for re-shipment to a new address.


There are no duties, taxes, or additional fees for customers ordering from the United States or Canada. International customers may have customs fees added onto their delivery fee. There are options to ship products to international customers with pre-paid duties if you provide viaGlamour with your IOSS or tax identification business number.

Lookup table

You can find the average shipping costs in the table below.


Editing Shopify shipping rates

From your Shopify admin, click on settings, select the shipping menu option, and navigate towards the shipping profiles section.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Select viaGlamour's shipping profile and select on manage.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

By managing shipping viaGlamour's shipping rates, you can change the costs being charged to your customers for products shipped by viaGlamour.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

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💖 Customize the product packaging with your designs.

📦 Zero minimum order for all customer orders.

MagicSoaps, a sister company of viaGlamour™, is Canada's first on-demand soaps manufacturer. Launch your own brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom boxes.