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Lost or returned shipments


There are situations that happen during a delivery that prevent a package from reaching the customer such as a missing apartment number, wrong house number, or a forwarding address that doesn't support deliveries. If a package fails to be delivered there's a high-likelihood it can be returned before attempting another delivery.

Return Services

viaGlamour can collect orders that couldn't be delivered to customers back to our warehouse or to your address. By default any orders shipped within Canada or the United States will be returned to viaGlamour for re-shipment. Orders shipped outside of the United States and Canada will only be returned if USPS was the selected shipping method of the order.


Orders that are returned to viaGlamour are charged a shipping fee for it's delivery back into Canada at a flat rate of $5 USD. If the order is collected by viaGlamour, it can be reshipped to a new address. Shipping costs are charged each time an order is returned to viaGlamour and shipped again to a new address.

Canada & United States

You can accept undelivered orders to your own address or let viaGlamour handle the reshipment on your behalf. You'll only be charged a returns fee if viaGlamour is accepting a return on your company's behalf. Add your own address to the postage labels to collect undelivered orders yourself.


Orders that are shipped internationally and undelivered are only possible to collect if the shipping method was through USPS. Low-cost international carriers like APC or Ascendia do not have a returns service.

Collect your own returns

You can add your own address in viaGlamour's app settings to collect undelivered orders at your own address.

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