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Etsy Integration

Create your own cosmetics line on Etsy.

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Sell on Etsy

You can either sell on Etsy directly and create your products by using viaGlamour's provided photos and SKUs to create new product listings - or - use Shopify to automatically sync orders, tracking numbers, and payments between the two platforms. Most people use Shopify to manage their Etsy orders.

Sell on Etsy with Shopify

This takes a few minutes to setup.

  1. Create a free Shopify account at
  2. Set a username for your store and complete the onboarding.
  3. Search for 'viaGlamour' from your Shopify dashboard, and add viaGlamour as your cosmetics lab.
  4. Customize, create, and begin creating your cosmetics that will get synced in the future to Facebook.

Sell on Etsy without Shopify

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✨ Products are made fresh for every order.

💖 Customize the product packaging with your designs.

📦 Zero minimum order for all customer orders.

MagicSoaps, a sister company of viaGlamour™, is Canada's first on-demand soaps manufacturer. Launch your own brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom boxes.