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When your store recieves new customer orders, Shopify will deposit the entire payment into your bank account. MagicSoaps will charge the cost of shipping from your credit card in a seperate transaction.

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Try samples of your products that are made fresh for your order.


Free plan limits

  • MagicSoaps will fulfill your customers orders on the free plan, but they won't have custom designs on them.


Business plan

  • Upload custom designs to your soap bars, give customers faster shipping times, and sell on marketplaces like Amazon.
  • Future product formulas
  • Upload your own packaging
  • Fast shipping for customers
  • Automated dropshipping
  • Accept orders from Amazon
  • Create your own bundles
  • No mentions of MagicSoaps on packaging or packing slips.

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+1 (866) 217-1477

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✨ Products are made fresh for every order.

💖 Customize the product packaging with your designs.

📦 Zero minimum order for all customer orders.

MagicSoaps, a sister company of viaGlamour™, is Canada's first on-demand soaps manufacturer. Launch your own brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom boxes.